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Other Links

The ONHIR Web site contains links to the Web sites of other Federal Government agencies, as well as to non-Government organizations.

ONHIR limits these links to information or services that may be of value to its visitors and that are consistent with ONHIR’s mission.

ONHIR has established reasonable management controls to ensure that external links remain active and that the content on these sites is relevant to the needs of ONHIR visitors.  However, we cannot attest to the accuracy of information in these external links.  In addition, our providing these links does not constitute an endorsement of the sites’ sponsors or the content and products presented there.

When you link to an external site, please be aware that you are subject to the disclaimers and security and privacy policies of that site.  ONHIR’s policies apply only to pages on the ONHIR Web site.

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Privacy Act Issuances (pdf)

Federal Information Security Management Act - FISMA

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updated 7/30/2018